Dear Friends,


Thanks to your support, we have meaningfully protected our shared water resources.  Our volunteers have continued the scientific approach to collecting and reporting key data essential to the health of our rivers.  Youth internships and school educational programs have provided the next generation with the tools they need to be future environmental stewards.  Coalition-based planning with our municipal, business and community partners has accomplished important changes in the way we protect our water resources through measures such as low impact site development, stormwater management, water conservation and restoration initiatives.  In the ongoing development of Connecticut’s first State Water Plan we have been your “voice at the table” in identifying ways to rebalance water use and its impact on our local waterways.

Pomperaug Watershed

Look no further than the current drought and you can clearly see why our water resources, often taken for granted by many as being plentiful, need more of our care than ever.  We are extremely grateful to those who have provided us with past support.  We hope you will renew your support or provide us with first time support through this appeal.  We pledge to continue to work in earnest on your behalf to safeguard our water resources for generations.

With our thanks,


Len DeJong, Executive Director


On behalf of the PRWC Board of Directors, staff and volunteers,
we extend a heart-felt thank you!
As we continue our work, please know we fully recognize
and truly appreciate your generous support.

Your support is recognized for gifts between
July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016.