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Drought Watch

Streamside Buffer

Recent rainfall has provided at least short term relief to what were critically low stream flows within the Pomperaug Watershed. While your lawns, gardens and fields also received some much hoped for rain it is important to mention that the U.S. Drought Monitor still indicates that much of the State, including our region, remains in a “moderate drought”. State officials continue to monitor drought conditions having declared a “drought advisory” on June 27. Without additional rainfall, our rivers and streams will quickly return to late July critically low flows that were not adequate to support aquatic habitat in sections of the Pomperaug River and other rivers in the upper areas of the watershed. Groundwater, which serves as the drinking water supply for both public water providers and private wells, will also require a prolonged period of precipitation before returning to normal levels.

We hope that you always USE WATER WISELY. The groundwater you use at your home or at your business is not unlimited. In numerous areas of our watershed, the water drawn from the ground directly impacts the water available in the rivers and streams. In this time of drought you will particularly make an important contribution in helping to conserve water by practicing water conservation measures.

For up-to-date information on the drought and stream flow conditions please also visit our website’s “Water Watch”. For those who receive public water supply from utilities, please stay tuned for information and updates from them. Thank you!

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