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In “water guy” speak I try to look at things in a way that the glass is half full and never half empty. I’m not always successful doing so if, for example, I have a day of fishing with no catching (but at least the boat did not sink). Many of you already know that this will be the last message that you will have to endure from me as my time with PRWC now comes to an end and my move to the warmer weather of New Hampshire draws closer. As such, let me share a few parting thoughts with you.

We recently lost our dear friend and founding member Dick Leavenworth; the glass emptied for all of us. He left us, however, with an immense positive footprint on our land and lasting protection of our water resources. Dick’s legacy of environmental conservation and stewardship lives on in all of us, leaving our glass full.

In September, with their Board of Directors terms ending, we thanked outgoing Board members John Lacadie and Vince McDermott for their combined decades of service to PRWC. I had the wonderful fortune of serving as Executive Director under their leadership as Board chairmen. We also welcomed new Board members: Andie Greene (Woodbury), John Pittari (Bethlehem) and Bob Travers (Woodbury). Each individual brings a unique and significant resume of environmental activism to PRWC. The baton also passed to new Board officers: Gail McTaggart (chair), Ann Feinberg (vice-chair) and Wayne McCormack (secretary/treasurer) who have already proven themselves indispensable to the success of our mission. The past contributions and commitments forward from those above therefore leaves our glass full.

So…it’s time to close this life’s chapter but before I do - to our Board, Advisory Council, volunteers, supporters, sponsors, community officials and our State and local conservation partners, please know that I have cherished my time with you and that I will forever be grateful for the support shown to me and to PRWC. I am very pleased that Dave Bjerklie and the first-class science and other skill sets that he brings with him, will serve as PRWC’s next executive director. Lastly to Carol and Anne, thanks for EVERYTHING. My glass is full!

Gratefully, Len

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