Rain Barrel Workshop Poster.png
Capture Rain for Yourself,
Conserve Water and Reduce Runoff.
PRWC Rain Barrel Workshop
June 21, 6 PM at Earth Tones Native Plants Nursery, Woodbury

Rain Barrels can be used for watering a garden or houseplants,
washing a car, and much more. Create your very own rain barrel at the PRWC Rain Barrel Workshop. Each registration includes:

(1) Rain Recycle Diverter Kit;
(1) 55 Gallon Barrel;

Space for up to 4 attendees in your party.

Instructions, User-Guide, and Riversmart Materials.

$40 per Rain Barrel. Supplies limited. Participants must be prepared to bring their rain barrel home with them. Pre-registration and payment is required. Please arrive at Earth Tones Native Plants Nursery, 212 Grassy Hill Road, Woodbury a few minutes before your scheduled workshop time. All tools and materials will be provided.

Learn the benefits of installing a rain barrel to capture rain for yourself, conserve water and reduce runoff. In a one-inch rainstorm, a shed measuring 10 feet by 10 feet would more than fill a 55-gallon rain barrel. If you capture that water and save it for later use, that will add up to a lot less runoff over the course of the year and a big savings on your water bill or less burden on your private well.

The Rain Recycle Diverter Kit provided uses a flex-fit diverter design. The kit creates a closed system. The unique feature of the diverter is the back flush. When the barrel is full, the water backs into the downspout stopping more water from going into the drum so you do not need an overflow, you do not need to cut off the gutter, or worry about mosquitoes. Learn more about this kit here.

Learn more about your water footprint and ways to reduce it.

The Workshop is now FULL. If you'd like more information on purchasing a barrel, please email PRWC.