Capture Rain for Yourself,
Conserve Water and Reduce Runoff.
Order Your Rain Barrel Here

Rain barrels can be used for watering a garden or houseplants,
washing a car, and much more. Create your very own rain barrel with the Project Rain Barrel Package including: (1) Rain Recycle Diverter Kit;
(1) 55 Gallon Drum; Instructions; Riversmart Materials and User-Guide.
$40 per Barrel. Must pick up Rain Barrel Package in Woodbury.

Pay by check to: Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition (PRWC)
OR pay online.

The Rain Recycle Diverter Kit provided uses a flex-fit diverter design. The kit creates a closed system. The unique feature of the diverter is the back flush. When the barrel is full, the water backs into the downspout stopping more water from going into the drum so you do not need an over flow, you do not need to cut off the gutter, or worry about mosquitoes. Learn more about this kit here.

The 55-gallon syrup drums for conversion into rain barrels were donated by the Coca-Cola Company as part of their goal to return to nature and communities an amount of water equivalent to what is used to produce their products. Dimensions of the drums are 26” diameter across end, 39”long and 72” circumference.

View the Workshop Participant Guide.

Learn more about your water footprint and ways to reduce it.

For more information and to arrange pick up, email us or call 203-263-0076.