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With research dating back to 1898, the Pomperaug stands as one of the most studied watersheds in the country and as a model for projects that can be applied far and wide. The work being conducted by the Coalition and its partners strengthens our ability to understand and manage our local water resources, and be used to understand other watersheds in our region. 


Water is a vital resource.  The Coalition is working to understand where the water comes from, how clean it is, how much we have, and how to ensure that future supply will meet all needs, both human and environmental.  Scientific research and data collection in the Pomperaug Watershed include: 

  • River Flow Data

  • Precipitation/Climate Data

  • Registered Water Diversions & Licensed Discharges

  • Surface Water & Groundwater Monitoring

  • Impervious Surface Build-Out Analysis

  • Instream Habitat Conditions

  • Pharmaceuticals in the Environment

  • Aquatic flora and fauna

PRWC studies and records data collected by scientists, officials, and local volunteers.  The Coalition then compiles and reports on this information, sharing it with the Watershed’s “stakeholders” – decision makers, businesses, partners, and residents.


Using this valuable science PRWC helps ensure the integrity of the Pomperaug Watershed through stakeholder education and implementation of corrective actions and new programs.

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The Water Watchers webinar goes into further depth of the data collection and tools used by PRWC. Carol Haskins, Executive Director, introduces the audience to the U.S. Drought Monitor, Real Time Stream Flow, Groundwater and Precipitation Data, and an Interactive Stream Assessments Map, as well as how the data is shared with the community.

Access the pdf or webinar recording here.

Fish Survey at Bent of River
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