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In Memory of Dr. Marc Taylor, Founder of the PRWC and River Steward Extraordinaire



Dr. Taylor, who passed away in June of 2012, is remembered as a man of great compassion who, as a medical doctor, healed the wounds and raised the spirits of his patients throughout greater Southbury. In his retirement, he turned his keen intellect and calm demeanor toward fostering coalition-based solutions for the benefit of the environment.  In 1999, Dr. Taylor and a group of his peers founded Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition (PRWC) to study the quality and quantity of water in the Pomperaug River watershed, a 90-square mile area that touches eight area towns.  With science as its core and education its hallmark, PRWC works with watershed towns, regulatory agencies, environmental organizations and community volunteers to continue Dr. Taylor’s legacy in stewarding our local water resources.


Dr. Marc Taylor was awarded the 2013 Environmental Merit Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding environmental stewardship, activism and support.


The Board of Directors of the PRWC proudly announces that an environmental student internship has been established in the memory of PRWC’s co-founder, Dr. Marc J. Taylor.  Through an environmental program grant awarded to PRWC, the Connecticut Community Foundation (CCF) provided funding to establish this prestigious internship program.  


Janet Taylor generously gifted additional program support to PRWC in remembrance of her husband.  She noted: “Marc’s passion for and connection with people as a physician extended to all those engaged with the protection of the environment.  He was particularly eager to foster the same passion in those preparing to be the stewards of the future, which this internship program will achieve.”


To learn more about the internship, or to make a dedicated contribution in the memory of Dr. Taylor for future internship support, please email us or contact the office by phone at 203-263-0076.


PRWC is pleased to present The Dr. Marc J. Taylor Environmental Stewardship Award.

Recipients have included: Margaret Miner, of Roxbury, CT, 2015; Tom Crider, of Southbury, CT 2016; and Frederick “Dick” Leavenworth, of Woodbury, CT, 2017.

Dr. Marc Taylor, Founder of the PRWC and River Steward Extraordinaire
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