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Meet the Outreach Coordinator

2018 Youth Conservation Corp

Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition announces the addition of Hailey McKeever to the staff as Outreach Coordinator. Hailey graduated summa cum laude this past spring from Merrimack College’s Honors Program with a dual degree. After beginning her college career with course study in education, then civil engineering, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and Sustainability and a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

Hailey’s interest in conservation is wide from interning in climate change education outreach in Costa Rica, to volunteering bird banding, whale behavior sequencing in the Gulf of Maine, and undergraduate research on the effects of chemical atrazine on reproductive health of poecilia latipinna. She enjoys travel, hiking, and making connections in the community and emphasizes the importance of discussion on pertinent environmental issues. Through her varied experiences, she has learned the necessity of education and outreach to the public to bring about change.

Hailey joins the team in hopes of using her skills and experiences to benefit the local community. She looks forward to helping the PRWC in their mission to bring science and education to the public and encourage involvement in local conservation.

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