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Dr. Marc J. Taylor

   “Marc’s enthusiasm for people around him and their ability and good intentions always reminded me of a bumper sticker – you know, the one that says, ‘I hope that I can be half as good a person as my dog thinks that I am.’ I always thought that you could insert Marc Taylor in that quote and have the same effect. Marc always saw the best in people and, as a result, he inspired all of us to be better than what we even thought that we could be – what a gift.” – Todd Ambs, President, River Network


    “What made Marc so special was that he had a gift and a passion for helping others make things happen.”

    – Ed Edelson, First Selectman, Town of Southbury


    “Marc was a dreamer, a generator of ideas. Dreams stimulate creativity and, with appropriate support, can lead to change. Marc has lived many dreams, dreams that have affected the lives of each of us. He used all his resources to make his dreams a reality. He also had a knack of picking allies who facilitated bringing those dreams to fruition.” – Dr. Ira Mickenberg, Partner, Southbury Medical Associates


    “…He was the best listener. …The most unflappable and patient man. …Uncompromisingly faithful to facts, science and logic. …(He) managed to be both a realist and an optimist. Both distinguished and lovable, all at the same time. ... (Marc had) a great, gracious, beaming smile… And, (Marc got) absolute joy from bringing people together, creating new partnerships and collaborations. Marc thought collaboration was sensational.” – Lynn Werner, Executive Director, Housatonic Valley Association

Dr. Marc Taylor Memorial


On June 24, 2012 several hundred community members gathered at a memorial service to pay their respects to Marc. At the service, several people shared their wonderful memories of Marc as a colleague, a friend, and a mentor. Here are some of their kind words:


    “Marc’s indelible imprint on our organization as a Founder and Director is undeniable, but it goes deeper than that.  He was in fact our compass.” – James Belden, PRWC Executive Director


    “He loved rivers, frankly more than any sensible, grown man really should. … Marc was (like) a gentle but powerful meandering river, cutting a path that would last forever." – Chris Murphy, U.S. Congressman


    “…Something we all sensed and loved about Marc… he really cared… not just about environmental issues, but about people. Somehow you knew he cared about YOU. Whether you were a friend, a patient, a potential donor, or someone he was just meeting for the first time.” – Tom Crider, Chairman, Southbury Land Trust

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