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Advocating on Behalf of Our Water Resources

Working collaboratively with state and local officials, land use commissions, environmental associations and water supply providers, PRWC continues to advocate on behalf of rivers, streams, and the water we drink. In recent months, PRWC has been engaged in numerous activities in support of our water resources. The following briefly highlights our effort.

In October, the State Water Planning Council (WPC) authorized a Memorandum of Understanding with UCONN to initiate the development of a State Water Plan. The WPC was charged with the responsibility for Plan through the passage of Public Act 14-163. PRWC, as a member of the WPC Advisory Group, has been and will continue to be an active participant in this important initiative. Through the same Advisory Group, PRWC is assisting with revisions to the State’s Drought Preparedness and Response Plan.

Locally, PRWC has been actively engaged in numerous water resource protection matters. We are assisting our local communities with existing regulations and proposed changes for both Federal and State stormwater management programs. We facilitated a site visit meeting with the Natural Resources Conservation Service and our local community leaders as well as concerned neighbors regarding a stretch of the Pomperaug River where the channel has diverted from the historic river-course near Orton Lane in Woodbury. We provided observation and comments to the Southbury Inland Wetlands Commission on the proposal to construct Southbury Village Square (the location for the proposed movie theater), and we are currently making use of our science and research in our review of the proposed power plant in Oxford specifically related to its potential impact on water resources.

For more about the topics above, contact us at 203-263-0076 or

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