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Connecticut Community Foundation Grant Supports New and Improved Website

During a busy year of stream protection and restoration projects, education outreach and scientific research, the Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition (PRWC) continues its momentum with the launch of its completely redesigned, mobile-friendly website at

Funded through a Nonprofit Excellence Grant awarded to PRWC by the Connecticut Community Foundation (CCF) and guided by input and feedback from a group of diverse volunteers, PRWC’s new website offers a better online experience and added functionality. It was designed for improved content flow, including a search bar, intuitive navigation and a more standardized menu structure. The website focuses on science, education, outreach, programs and ways to get involved.

Commenting on the new site, Len DeJong, PRWC Executive Director said: “We are extremely grateful to the Connecticut Community Foundation for supporting this important outreach tool for us. The new website will serve as a widely used resource of science-based research and assistance, and educational materials about the importance of a healthy river system, including its influence on the water we drink, and our collective role in its protection.”

The new site features homeowner, educator and business resources, real-time streamflow data, extensive scientific reports, and volunteer opportunities. The new blog feature helps PRWC engage its audience and provide valuable updates on current work that can be effortlessly shared via social networks. “We hope users will find it easier to learn about the Pomperaug Watershed, to locate science and education resources and to get involved in local stewardship.” said Carol Haskins, PRWC Outreach Director.

The new site is available to users and has been receiving positive feedback. As the site evolves, it will continually introduce new resources and up-to-date content. Visit to learn more about PRWC and the Pomperaug Watershed.

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