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Updating the Pomperaug Watershed Management Plan

Image Source: CT DEEP’s 2014 Intergrated Water Quality Report to Congress.

Earlier this year, PRWC signed a grant contract with the State of Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection that awarded PRWC with a grant to be used to update its Watershed Management Plan (WMP). We also received a matching grant from the Connecticut Community Foundation.

In September, we hired the consulting firm of Fuss & O’Neill to help us create a Plan that will develop site specific plans for remediating stream pollutants like bacteria and restoring instream habitat.

This update of the Pomperaug Watershed Management Plan is being driven by a couple of factors: (1) timing- it has been 10 years since the plan was last updated; (2) format - the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has adopted a prescribed format for these plans and organizations must have an approved plan to be eligible for program. future restoration project funding; and, (3) new areas of concern - a greater number of monitoring locations since the time of the last WMP has revealed new sites where data do not meet federal water quality standards.We are compiling the existing information and conducting field assessment surveys to better gauge the scope of factors that may be contributing to reduced water quality conditions.Stakeholder input will also be sought throughout the planning process. Please stay tuned for announcements about presentations of this information in your town and the opportunity to share your input on issues we may have missed.

Photo caption: Stream segments shown in red do not meet water quality standards to support recreational activities like swimming.Image Source: CT DEEP’s 2014 Integrated Water Quality Report to Congress.

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