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Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition To Co-Host Local Music Event

Bluegrass Sundays at Woodbury Brewing Company

Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition (“PRWC”) will co-host “Bluegrass Sundays at Woodbury Brewing Company”, on February 10, 2019, 5-8PM. Last year, Sweetcake Mountain, a Connecticut bluegrass band hosted three events at Woodbury Brewing Company. “This year,” says Alan Zinser, the band’s mandolinist, “we wanted to celebrate and strengthen our bonds to the community by inviting local environment organizations like PRWC to co-host in a warm and welcoming venue.”

Allan Cetrone, one of the founders of Woodbury Brewing Company, commented, “We believe in celebrating life, community and always doing what is right—we were founded on those simple principles. We are delighted to have Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition co-host Bluegrass Sundays on Woodbury Brewing Company on February 10th.”

“Bluegrass music speaks to love of home. Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition has been at the forefront of protecting what makes our river valley beautiful and livable,” says Woodbury-based Zinser. The band will donate $100 to the Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition.

“The Pomperaug River is an absolute treasure in our midst. It is central to the vitality of our community (our homes), which is why PRWC is dedicated to protecting this precious resource,” says Carol Haskins, PRWC Outreach Director. “As bluegrass speaks to the love of home, we are really looking forward to co-hosting Sweetcake Mountain’s performance at the Brewery and sharing our love for the Pomperaug River with all who attend.” PRWC will be at the event to share information about the organization, its programs, volunteer opportunities, and ways people can help protect our local water resources.

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