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Letter From the Director

Looking back at the past year, I am as proud as ever of all that PRWC has accomplished, especially since we are still in “COVID-times.” PRWC’s achievements include completing a streamwalk survey of the Weekeepeemee River; evaluating dozens of culvert and bridge crossings; collecting bacteria samples twice a month; hosting our first-ever Watershed Treasure Hunt; re-inventing Woodbury Earth Day to a full month of in-person and online programs; and being an active voice for the protection of water resources in the Pomperaug Watershed communities at the local, regional, and state decision-making levels.

While we accomplished a lot, there was something really big missing this year, and that’s YOU! Maybe we bumped into you here or there, but, by and large, it feels like we never really got the chance to see you and hear what’s on your mind. Nor have we had the chance to really tell you about and celebrate the work we are doing to protect your drinking water and the rivers you love. Connecting with you recharges us and helps remind us how important water is to our community.

Though we may not have thanked you in-person, we are grateful that you have continued to generously support PRWC throughout the pandemic. We look forward to reconnecting and celebrating with you in the year ahead. In the meantime, we hope to see you down by the river.


Carol Haskins


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