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Results of 2021 Macroinvertebrate Survey Now Available

Every fall, PRWC participates in the Riffle Bioassessment for Volunteers (RBV) Program coordinated by CT DEEP as part of the statewide Volunteer Water Monitoring Program. RBV Volunteers all over the state follow protocol for collecting macroinvertebrate samples to report to the state to help assess the health of rivers and streams. Volunteers use kicknets to collect the small "river bugs" in hopes of scooping up sediment, rocks, and leaves containing biodiversity and "most wanted" species found dwelling in healthy water. The samples are then sorted and identified using photo ID keys and sent to CT DEEP to confirm species and create the annual report and CT Volunteer Water Monitoring Program Map Series that is now available online.

Last Fall, PRWC and volunteers surveyed five sites in the Pomperaug Watershed including the Nonnewaug River, Wood Creek, East Meadow Brook, Good Hill Brook, and Reichenback Brook. Four of the five sites were reported back to have 4 or more of the most wanted species, indicating healthy water quality. Explore the interactive map with results of the survey and download results here.


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