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Volunteers Invited for 17th Annual Macroinvertebrate Survey

PRWC is seeking volunteers to participate in collecting samples of macroinvertebrates, or ‘river bugs' from their local waterways on October 1 and October 2 to assess stream health. PRWC’s Annual Macroinvertebrate Survey is part of the Stream Riffle Bioassessment by Volunteers program (RBV), a statewide effort coordinated by the CT DEEP Volunteer Water Monitoring Program.

Prior to the in-field survey, PRWC is hosting an hour-long Macroinvertebrate Training and Information Session at Woodbury Public Library on Tuesday September 27 at 6:00 PM. This session is required for those interested in volunteering for the field collection survey and open to all interested in learning more about the RBV program.

The session will cover what macroinvertebrates are, why they are collected, and how to follow procedures established by CT DEEP.

Trained volunteers will then work directly with PRWC staff to survey a small stream or brook in the Pomperaug Watershed and identify what was collected. Teams will complete voucher samples and data sheets to submit to DEEP for verification and inclusion in their larger statewide assessments. Depending on the types of macroinvertebrates that volunteers find in a stream, the CT DEEP can assess it as a healthy stream.

Trained volunteers will receive more information on sampling locations and time slots following the September 27 training.

Volunteers can choose to join PRWC’s survey for a 2-hour time slot on Saturday, October 1 or on Sunday, October 2.

To sign up to volunteer, register for the Macroinvertebrate Training and Information Session online at - Macroinvertebrate Training and Information Session.


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