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Nonnewaug River, Route 47 Bridge, Washington Road, Woodbury (August 2019)

NonnR Wby - Rt 47 Bridge by the Nursery

Weekeepeemee River, Jacks Bridge Road, Woodbury (June 2019)

WeekR Wby - Jacks Bridge Rd Bridge US -


Weekeepeemee River, Brushy Hill Road, Woodbury (July 2019)

WeekR Wby - Rte 132 Bridge at Brushy Hil


Weekeepeemee River, Chohees Trail, Woodbury (June 2019)

WeekR Wby - Chohees Trail Bridge at Week

Weekeepeemee River, Wood Creek Road, Bethlehem (June 2019)

WeekR Beth - Wood Creek Rd Bridge US - B


Nonnewaug River, Route 61 Bridge, Bethlehem Road, Woodbury (August 2019)

NonnR Wby - Route 61 Bridge US - Bacteri


Nonnewaug River, USGS Gauge, Mill Road, Woodbury (August 2019)

NonnR Wby - Mill Rd USGS Gauge US - Bact


Pomperaug River, Oakdale Manor Road, Southbury (June 2019)

PompR Sby - Oakdale Manor #195 US - Bact


East Spring Brook at Nonnewaug Road (2018)


Pomperaug River, Audubon Center at the Bent of the River, Southbury (June 2019)

PompR Sby - Audubon BOTR US - Bacteria S


Pomperaug River, 195 Flood Bridge Road, Southbury ("The Gym" August 2019)

PompR Sby - The Gym on Flood Bridge Rd U


Pomperaug River, USGS Gauge, Ewald Park, Poverty Road, Southbury (June 2019)

PompR Sby - Poverty Rd USGS Gauge at Ewa


Pomperaug River, Route 67, Bennett Park, Southbury (July 2019)

PompR Sby - Route 67 Bennett Park US - B


Pomperaug River, Middle Quarter/South Pomperaug Ave, Woodbury (June 2019)

PompR Wby - Middle Quarter behind presch
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