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All of PRWC's programs and activities underscore our collective roles as stewards of our environment. Your contributions make such a meaningful difference:

  • Programs on water resource protection for 1,200 school children in indoor and outdoor classrooms over the past year.

  • Our region's first EPA-approved Watershed Based Plan that details strategies for assessing and improving river conditions in the watershed that is home to over 60,000 residents.

  • Installation of a 1,000 sq. ft. rain garden at Community House Park in Southbury with 350 native plants that will capture and filter up to 390,000 gallons of stormwater runoff annually.

  • Removal of 5 tons of invasive plants from the banks of the Pomperaug River.

  • Collaborative projects and advocacy through local partnerships and State Water Planning, to improve the health, quantity and quality of water and habitat in the Pomperaug.

  • Installed 380 storm drain markers along 40 roads in Woodbury and Southbury.

  • Service growth experiences for 23 future environmental stewards through internship and youth conservation corps programs

  • Through PRWC’s newsletter, website, social media and media coverage, PRWC’s education outreach reached an audience of over 147,000.

Your donation is essential in helping to preserve, protect, and restore the quality and quantity of our most valuable resource - water.

NonnR Wby - Route 61 Bridge across site
NonnR Wby - Mill Rd USGS Gauge DS and in
PompR Sby - USGS Gage - Ewald Park - DS
Pomperaug River Watershed Cover_Page_1_s
River Ramblers Nonnewaug Falls
Kid's Tent - Painted Mural
PRWC Youth Conservation Corp
PRWC Youth Conservation Corp
PRWC YCC group photo_edited_edited
The PRWC mission is to promote clean water and sustainable use of water in our watershed, both groundwater and water in the river, by reaching out through education and fostering a science based understanding of the water resources we all depend on. Your support for our rivers means so much!
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