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Keeping our water clean and healthy begins with each individual living in the watershed.  PRWC encourages and appreciates community involvement and helping hands from volunteers who are willing to share their time and talents with us.  Work in the field, plan an event, join a committee, help spread the word and support our mission.  With your help, PRWC accomplishes so much!

Your stewardship matters! There are so many ways to demonstrate your commitment to the protection of water resources for future generations. We offer a number of event, program and project sponsorship opportunities as well as volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Please call us at 203-263-0076 to discuss further.

PRWC provides extensive, hands-on activities, presentations and workshops to schools, home-school and scouting groups, clubs, community organizations and educators. Let our talented team share these inspiring activities from our Watershed Education Programs, which are linked to CT Learning Standards.

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