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The Pomperaug River is a tricky area to paddle as there is such a narrow window of flow rates that make it suitable and safe to paddle. Below a certain flow, you are simply going to drag bottom. Above a certain flow, it becomes unsafe even for experienced paddlers. For more information on river conditions, please visit our real-time Water Watch


Aquatic Invasives

Learn how to reduce the possibility of spreading invasive species when kayaking and canoeing by watching Clean-Drain-Dry For Paddlers video produced by Northern Forest Canoe Trail.


Stretch A (See Map)
PUT IN: Three Rivers Park at Jack's Bridge Road (into the Weekeepeemee) OR at the Route 47 Bridge (across from Young's Nursery) into the Nonnewaug

TAKE OUT: Hollow Park, Hollow Road, Woodbury (above Pomperaug Dam to avoid trespassing - no formal portage)


Stretch B (See Map)
PUT IN: Behind Main Street Ballet Studio located at 124 S. Pomperaug Ave, Woodbury (trail access to River, below Pomperaug Dam)


(option 1) Bennett Park, Route 67 Southbury)
(option 2) Ewald Park, Poverty Road, Southbury
(option 3) Cedarland Park, River Trail Southbury (no formal parking lot)
(option 4) Platt Farm Preserve, Southbury Land Trust conservation land, Flood Bridge Road, Southbury (last public access area above the South Britain Dam (no formal portage area)

NOTE: These take-outs could be used as put-ins for anyone looking for a shorter paddle

Stretch C (See Map)
PUT IN: Pull off across from Siemon Park (soccer fields) located on East Flat Hill Road in South Britain/Southbury (below South Britain Dam)


TAKE OUT: Southbury Town Beach, River Road (at the mouth of the Pomperaug where it meets Lake Zoar/Housatonic River)


NOTE: DOUBLE CHECK access permission through the Audubon at Bent of the River.


Canoeing and Kayaking are inherently dangerous sports, only trained and skilled paddlers should use the information on this site. This information is a general guide only. The Pomperaug River is a dynamic environment where river flow and difficulty changes with water level and hazards vary with time. Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition (PRWC) makes no claim whatsoever that the rivers/waters described are safe in all or any conditions, or that the waters are suitable or safe for every paddler.

The information on river flow comes from sources that are independent of PRWC. We cannot guarantee, and accept no responsibility for, the accuracy of their information and content.

This information should not be taken as advice to trespass.

The decision to paddle must be yours alone - if you are not sure, don’t paddle!

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