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PRWC Presents At Envirothon Aquatics Workshop

Envirothon Aquatics Workshop 2020

PRWC shared "Low Flow Plan and Pomperaug's model for Water Resource Management" with high school students from across the state at the Connecticut Envirothon Aquatics Workshop on Saturday, January 18 at Connecticut River Academy in East Hartford. The presentation and questions led to some really stimulating discussion with the students about statewide and municipal water resource and climate resiliency planning. The Connecticut Envirothon is a natural resource-based education program started in 1992 by the state's Soil and Water Conservation Districts, which brings together teams of high school students to participate in workshops related to the environment. These workshops are presented by foresters, soil scientists, aquatic ecologists, wildlife biologists, and many others. Students really benefit from meeting people working in a broad range of environmental careers. This year's special study topic is "Water Resources Management: Local Control and Local Solutions". "Low Flow Plan and Pomperaug's model for Water Resource Management"; was one of several presentations offered to help students prepare for the statewide Envirothon competition to be held in May. PRWC's presentation shared two collaborative measures to proactively reduce public water supply demands that could affect river flows on the Pomperaug aquifer: adoption of the Heritage Village Water Company (HVWC) Low Flow Operations Plan and the agreement between HVWC and the CPV Towantic Energy Center that calls for the entire daily water supply demand of the CPV Towantic facility between July 1 and October 31 to come from Connecticut Water Company’s other water resources that are outside the Pomperaug basin. Reducing demand on the Pomperaug aquifer during the period of low-flow is a very positive step toward smartly balancing critical public water supply needs with the need to protect aquatic river health. Project partners include the Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition, Town of Southbury, Heritage Village Water Company, CPV Towantic Energy Center, and Milone & MacBroom Engineering Consultants.

The current Pomperaug River status and Action Levels can be viewed online at

Heritage Village Water customers and private well owners can visit for water conservation tips.

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