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Give Local is Fast Approaching - April 24 & 25

Please support PRWC during Give Local Great Waterbury and Litchfield Hills, a 36-hour online, region-wide, fundraising campaign that runs from 7:00 AM on Wednesday April 24 to 7:00 PM on Thursday April 25, 2024.

Each time you drink a glass of water, wash your hands, prepare a meal, walk past a tree, or watch the rain fall, you’re experiencing the importance of water. Whether it is supporting human consumption or ecological functions, water is an essential ingredient for life. Only 2.5% of the world’s water is freshwater and only 0.007% of that is deemed clean enough and available to drink. It is critically important to protect this vital resource.

We all have an important role in protecting the rivers you love, the water you drink, and the water you use every day. This is why every gift at any level really helps support the essential work of the Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition. Our staff and volunteers hard works on your behalf to protect water resources in your community. Your gift to PRWC during GIVE LOCAL, a 36-hour online fundraising event, goes further by helping us earn bonus funds, making us eligible for cash prizes and leveraging a $10,000 matching gift challenge.

What does your donation support?

The research and data collection conducted by PRWC with its partners strengthens the ability to manage local water resources. PRWC's work includes 20+ major scientific research initiatives and monitoring of aquatic life, bacteria levels, streamflow, groundwater levels, precipitation, and stream temperature at 15+ sites each season.

PRWC conducts Ambient Water Quality Monitoring, performs streamwalk surveys, participates in the Riffle Bioassessment by Volunteers with CTDEEP and follows NAACC's protocols for assessing stream crossing conditions. Scientific data collected supports climate resiliency planning and review of potential impacts to water resources, local land development, and water use needs including withdrawals and discharges. PRWC works with coalition partners to implement actions to correct stream impairments and remediate groundwater contamination.

PRWC protects and restores instream habitats and streambanks along multiple stretches of river prioritized using scientific data. These projects include the installation of rain gardens to collect storm water runoff, planting vegetated buffers to protect streambanks, and removing invasive plant species to improve habitat. PRWC conducts clean-ups in and along streams each year collecting as much as two dumpster loads of trash. As a pollution prevention strategy, PRWC has installed 2000+ storm drain markers along roads in Southbury, Woodbury, Bethlehem, and Watertown.

PRWC shares scientific knowledge and best stewardship practices to engage students of all ages, businesses, and town officials. Through workshops, webinars, and outdoor adventures PRWC teaches community members about water conservation, water testing, stewardship practices, and more. PRWC prepares the next generation of environmental stewards through its internship and youth programs. College and high school students are provided training and field experience in data collection and restoration projects.

All of PRWC's programs and activities underscore our collective roles as stewards of our environment and promote good habits to keep our watershed and rivers healthy.


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