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Developing The State Water Plan: Who's At The Table?

PRWC is proud of its Executive Director Len DeJong and the important role he is playing in developing our State Water Plan. As a member of the Science and Technical Committee, PRWC is assisting with drafting data needs for the Plan. As a member of the Water Planning Council Advisory Group, PRWC participates in numerous policy and planning elements for the Plan. As the WPC has been charged by Public Act 14-163 to develop a State Water Plan, a number of committees, with individuals with different backgrounds and perspectives have been established to support the effort. Steps are being taken to define the roles of the committees and ensure that their combined efforts contribute to development of a data-driven,balanced plan that reflects stakeholder input consistent with the law. In addition, the Water Planning Council Advisory Group (WPCAG) was established by statute and is identified in the Public Act as being part of the process in developing the State Water Plan. All meetings are noticed and open to the public. View the full InFlow-Line Fall 2015 issue here.

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