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Feb 28: Woodbury Road-Stream Crossings Presentation

Join us at the Woodbury Public Library on Wednesday February 28 at 6:00 PM to learn about the conditions of Woodbury's road-stream crossings (culverts and bridges).

Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition has completed assessments of the road-stream crossings (bridges and culverts) in Woodbury and prepared a Road-Stream Crossing Management Plan for the Town. The Plan identifies the crossings that present the greatest barriers for aquatic organism passage (migration up- and downstream) and highlights some examples of crossings that support passage. Following protocols from the North Atlantic Aquatic Connectivity Collaboration (NAACC), the assessments included measuring and cataloging attributes of the culverts and bridges such as size (length, width, height), shape, material, road fill height, alignment in relation to stream flow, relative constriction in relation to stream width, and more. The inventory is geo-reference by latitude/longitude of each crossing and includes photographs of each structure. Crossing data can be downloaded as a GIS shapefile from the NAACC’s online data portal; you can also view the data for each crossing using their online interactive map. 


We hope that you will consider joining us to learn more about how these data can support community resiliency planning, transportation capital improvement planning, and pre-hazard mitigation planning. It’s not just about helping fish and aquatic life move up and down stream, it's also about helping people safely cross over streams, preventing infrastructure damage during large storm events and sizing structures so they can accommodate increasing storm volumes.


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