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Spotlight On Rachael Caron, Summer 2015 Intern

InFlow-Line Fall 2015

The Dr. Marc J. Taylor Internship was established in 2013 in memory of PRWC’s co-founder, Dr. Taylor (1937-2012). Dr. Taylor was eager to foster his passion for protecting the Pomperaug River and Aquifer in those preparing to be the stewards of the future. PRWC’s Summer 2015 Intern was Rachael Caron , a resident of Woodbury and junior at the College of William and Mary double majoring in Biology and Environmental Science.

During her 10-week internship, Caron helped calibrate and reinstall PRWC thermal monitoring river probes, plan for our annual Macroinvertebrate Survey, further our Cedarland Park River Bank Restoration, join up with Southbury Public Works and the UCONN Cooperative Extension for a release of weevils to control Mile-a-Minute vine at Ballantine Park, observe the 2015 electrofishing survey in the Pomperaug River and extend our outreach programs at community events.

“The internship program was a wonderful opportunity to channel my focus and enrich my understanding as I strive to reduce adverse human impacts on the environment. I feel that is important to preserve our world not only for ourselves, but for all organisms that inhabit it. Through research and education, I hope to communicate our findings and knowledge to our friends and neighbors at home as well as across the ‘pond.’” said Caron.

In her studies, she’s working with a conservation biologist, Professor Matthias Leu, to assess all threatened and endangered species listed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. “We are analyzing trends to discern what proactive measures can be taken to remove species from these lists and prevent species from being added. We hope our findings will serve as a resource to legislators as they create and modify policy.”

In talking about her passion for protecting the natural world, Caron referenced her family home on Lion’s Pond situated in the Pomperaug Watershed. “Many of my childhood memories involve fishing, ice skating, and playing on and around this pond. It has attracted astounding wildlife, including various waterfowl, beavers, and otters. To promote greater biodiversity, my father and I built and maintain a wood duck house to serve as a sanctuary for wood ducks and other birds. This pond has enriched my childhood with an appreciation for nature. It has allowed me to value the importance of wetlands, and the Pomperaug Watershed in particular, for the countless ecosystem functions and services on which we and all life depend. I hope to share this appreciation with our neighbors and friends in our local community. By promoting a sense of responsibility, we can collectively conserve our limited resources and thus ensure a sustainable future.”

PRWC is proud to announce that our 2014 Summer Intern, Matt Rose, recently accepted a position at Milone & MacBroom, one of the largest consulting firms in the northeast offering a diverse set of specialty practices in the fields of engineering, planning, landscape architecture, and environmental science.

PRWC is currently accepting applications for its 2016 environmental internship. If you are an undergraduate student pursuing an environmental career, you may consider applying for this 10-week, full-time, paid internship position. Additional unpaid internship opportunities are available throughout the year.

Interested candidates should email or mail the following application materials to the attention of PRWC’s Outreach Director:

  • A Cover Letter outlining your interest in the position and how it will benefit your career pursuits;

  • A Resume describing your qualifications including education, past work, volunteer experiences, special talents, and any other relevant skills or experience.

  • Contact information for Two References (e.g. professors, academic advisors, coaches, past employers, personal contacts other than family, etc.)

Please present us with your interest as soon as possible but no later than March 31, 2016 for consideration for the Dr. Marc J. Taylor Internship position. Residents of the PRWC communities may be given preference; PRWC is an equal opportunity employer.

Questions and applications should be directed to: Carol Haskins, PRWC Outreach Director, 39 Sherman Hill Road, Suite C-103, Woodbury CT 06798 or at To learn more about PRWC, visit

*Wages for this internship position are dependent on the availability of funding for 2016. The start/finish dates for the 10-week position are flexible between May and August.

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