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Dana Dessereaux Making a Difference - Summer Intern 2016

Storm Drain Marking

The Dr. Marc J. Taylor Internship was established in 2013 in memory of PRWC’s co-founder, Dr. Taylor (1937-2012). Dr. Taylor was eager to foster his passion for protecting the Pomperaug River and Aquifer in those preparing to be the stewards of the future. PRWC’s summer 2016 Intern is Dana Dessereaux, a resident of Southbury and an Environmental Science and Sustainability major entering her senior year at Cornell University. Her major has provided her with a strong background in environmental policy, natural resources and ecology all of which have significant relevancy to the work conducted by PRWC.

During her 10-week internship, Dessereaux has helped reinstall, monitor and determine new sites for PRWC stream temperature data loggers, recruit volunteers, further our Cedarland Park River Bank Restoration, participate in committee meetings and extend our outreach programs at community events.

“The Marc Taylor internship program has been a tremendous opportunity to experience situations that both align with my interests and create a positive impact on the local community. This position has also expanded my knowledge as I strive to restore and maintain a healthy environment for all to enjoy. Through outreach and policy I hope to establish practices that benefit both people and the environment they live in.” said Dessereaux.

Dessereaux has been interested in the environment since childhood. “Many of my memories involve exploring the wooded and wetland areas near my home in Southbury. Everything from playing outdoors to learning about our surroundings peaked my interest.” Now she strives to restore and protect this resource for others to enjoy. In her studies, she is becoming involved with policymakers both locally and nationally. “I hope that through collaborative effort our resources and way of life can coexist in a healthy equilibrium.”

PRWC would like to thank Janet Taylor for her continued support to PRWC and this program in remembrance of her husband. Additionally, thank you to FirstLight Hydro Generating Company for providing funding to this prestigious internship program through their Housatonic River Project Fund to support activities and projects in the 23-town Housatonic River region that promote environmental protection, energy efficiency and public safety.

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