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Effort Underway for the Development of the State Water Plan

As previously reported, the CT Water Planning Council (“WPC”) has been preparing for the development of the first State Water Plan (“Plan”). The planning process has successfully moved into the next phase with the selection of CDM Smith, with support from Milone and MacBroom Inc., to serve as the consultants for writing the Plan. The consultant work includes but is not limited to further engaging all interested stakeholders, assessing policy, analyzing data and documenting findings. Goals for the Plan include an assessment of current conditions and practices and the development of consensus-based policy and action recommendations that will significantly enhance water resource planning and protection within the State. As a key stakeholder, PRWC continues to support the development of the Plan through its appointed membership on several committees and work groups. The consultants have been tasked to deliver a draft Plan to the WPC in April, 2017. For more information on the Plan please visit

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