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Sharing Our Expertise Across the Region

Mr. Nate and his fourth grade students from the Children’s Community School of Waterbury searched for signs of animal life in and around the Woodbury Reservoir during an October field trip with PRWC.

As you know, our mission is to ensure the availability of high quality water in the Pomperaug Watershed communities through the use of science and education. But, did you know we are also committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise with others outside the watershed who are also committed to protecting water resources for future generations?

This fall, PRWC made great efforts to share our scientific research and outreach programs across the region. Len DeJong shared the results of a Pomperaug Watershed focused USGS study that investigated impacts of climate change on watersheds across the country. This presentation was made at a Climate Change Conference presented by Rivers Alliance of Connecticut in October. Attending the conference were municipal and state officials who make important decisions regarding our natural resources. DeJong gave a similar presentation with additional emphasis on the State Water Plan and drought planning to the Southbury Business Association as well as to employees at Timex Group in Middlebury.

Carol Haskins shared PRWC’s expertise in community outreach by showcasing the River Smart program materials available to municipalities to use in meeting State Stormwater Permit requirements at a topical conference hosted by the Connecticut Council of Small Towns in October. She also presented on what it means to be River Smart at the Western Connecticut Leadership Program’s Environment Day in September. In a typical year PRWC conducts an average of 55 outreach programs and presentations reaching upwards of 150,000 people with water conservation and environmental stewardship messages.

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