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Statewide Macroinvertebrate Survey Results Map Now Online

Macroinvertebrate Survey Program

We realize most people are not very big fans of river bugs, but we are! They can tell us a lot about water quality. That’s why PRWC participates in Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s Riffle Bioassessment by Volunteers program (aka Macroinvertebrate Survey Program) every fall. While we usually share results from our fall survey results with readers this time of year, we are instead going to direct you to a really cool online story map put together by CT DEEP where you can explore the results for yourself. The story map is actually an interactive website that includes information and maps such as an RBV Program Overview; statewide volunteer monitoring results dating from 1999 through 2016; distribution maps of the “most wanted” taxa (aka “good bugs”); site photos; a list of current coordinators / participating organizations; and much more! Check it out today!

See our Monitoring page for more information on our work.

Fish Community Data

Ever wonder what types of fish live in our local rivers and streams? Or wonder how the fish community might be changing over time? Well, thanks to a really great effort between CT DEEP and UCONN’s Center for Land Use Education and Research, you can now access fish community survey data statewide! Using the online interactive map hosted on the Connecticut Environmental Conditions Online (CT ECO) portal, you are able to find out where CT DEEP collects its samples and what types of fish were observed each time they visited the site. There are several locations with the Pomperaug Watershed including ones on the Pomperaug, Nonnewaug, and Weekeepeemee Rivers as well as smaller tributaries like Sprain Brook, Wood Creek,Lewis Atwood Brook, and Bullet Hill Brook. Check it out!

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