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Each year, Earth Day—April 22—marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. Woodbury Earth Day is an event that focuses on protecting and improving the nature of our communities, our land and water, and ourselves.. Locally, one way people can benefit the environment, conserve water and reduce runoff is by installing a rain barrel to collect rainwater at downspouts. Rain barrels can be used for watering a garden or houseplants, washing a car, and much more.

“Rain barrels are a tangible and effective way to inspire change to preserve our water resources,” said Jon Radtke, water resources director for Coca-Cola North America. “Working with our local partners, we can encourage communities to save water drop by drop, barrel by barrel, and replenish a significant amount of water back into nature.”

Thanks to the generous support of Coca-Cola and River Network, the Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition (PRWC) is pleased to announce today that they will be leading two rain barrel workshops during the Woodbury Earth Day Festival at Hollow Park on April 22. As the host of Woodbury Earth Day, PRWC is delighted to be able to offer this opportunity to its visitors.

“As an event that focuses on protecting and improving the nature of our communities, our land and water, and ourselves, we wanted to offer direct actions for people to take at Woodbury Earth Day this year. This workshop allows people to just that,” said Carol Haskins, PRWC Outreach Director and Woodbury Earth Day chair. Upon noting that in a one-inch rainstorm, a shed measuring 10 feet by 10 feet would more than fill a 55-gallon rain barrel, Haskins said, “if we can capture that water and save it for later use, that will add up to a lot less runoff over the course of the year and a big savings on your water bill or less burden on your private well.”

Sign up for the 11:30am or 2:00pm PRWC Rain Barrel Workshop and create your very own rain barrel (one per household). All materials are provided at the workshop and PRWC volunteers will help guide you through the construction process. The take home product will be one finished 55-gallon rain barrel that will capture your roof's rain water. Participants MUST be prepared to bring their rain barrel home with them from Hollow Park on Earth Day. Registration for the rain barrel workshop starts now at only $40 per barrel, a bargain compared to the $100+ it costs for a ready-made rain barrel.

Join PRWC at the Woodbury Earth Day Festival at Hollow Park on April 22 to create your very own rain barrel. To register, call PRWC at (203) 263-0076. Be sure to register soon, as slots are limited to ten households per workshop! Pre-registration and payment is required. To learn more about how you can conserve water, please visit

The 55-gallon syrup drums for conversion into rain barrels were donated by the Coca-Cola Company as part of their goal to return to nature and communities an amount of water equivalent to what is used to produce their products. Dimensions of the drums are 26” diameter across end, 39”long and 72” circumference.

The Rain Recycle Diverter Kits provided uses a flex-fit diverter design. The kit creates a closed system. The unique feature of the diverter is the back flush. When the barrel is full, the water backs into the downspout stopping more water from going into the drum so you do not need an over flow, you do not need to cut off the gutter, or worry about mosquitoes. Learn more about this kit here.

The Workshop Participant Guide can be viewed online and will be available at the workshop.

To learn more about your water footprint and ways to reduce it, click here.

Photo Caption: Rain barrels, like the one seen here, are an effective way to reduce your water footprint. They capture rain water from your roof and store if for later uses like plant watering and car washing.

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