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Youth Conservation Corps Applications Now Available

Rain barrels, like the one seen here, are an effective way to reduce your water footprint.

Crew Leader and Crew Member applications for the pilot year of our Youth Conservation Corps program are now available! THE APPLICATION DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO MAY 26. APPLY NOW.

What is the Youth Conservation Corps all about? The Youth Conservation Corps will provide employment opportunities for students to gain conservation experience and knowledge while improving the quality and conservation of water for watershed residents. The program will foster a sense of responsibility for natural resources, civic engagement and a life-long connection to the environment.

PRWC plans to hire a crew of high school and college students that work together with a crew leader over the course of six weeks to implement conservation projects throughout the watershed. While the projects have not been fully firmed up with municipal partners in Bethlehem, Woodbury, and Southbury, a variety of possibilities are being discussed. Potential projects include continued invasive plant removal at Cedarland Park in Southbury, stream buffer maintenance along the Nonnewaug River at Strongtown Preserve in Woodbury, rain garden maintenance at Manville Kettle in Woodbury, trail mapping and clean up at Woodbury Reservoir, and boardwalk construction at Swendson Farm in Bethlehem.

The projects and programs facilitated by the Youth Conservation Corps will underscore our roles as stewards of our environment and promote good habits to keep our watershed and rivers healthy. For more information, contact the PRWC office at 203-263-0076.

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