Pomperaug River Low-Flow Operations Plan

Town of Southbury, Heritage Village Water Company (HVWC) and PRWC officials are close to finalizing a Low-Flow Operations Plan. This Plan will be activated when Pomperaug River flow reaches each one of three flow thresholds that have an increasing negative influence on aquatic river health. Depending on the severity of the river flow, HVWC may then offset Pomperaug aquifer water demands with water supply from outside the Pomperaug basin while continuing to meet its public health water supply responsibilities. HVWC customers and those private well owners adjacent to the river will be asked to voluntarily participate in water conservation. When the Plan is activated, each of the three organizations’ websites will be used to inform the public of the river flow status. This Plan is testimony to the value of collaboration and cooperation in respect to environmental stewardship.

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