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Project Rain Barrel Workshops Are Back!

Do you know how capturing rainwater can benefit you, your family, and the environment? To find out the answer to this question, please, come to a Project Rain Barrel educational workshop. Thanks to the generous support of Coca-Cola and River Network, the Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition (PRWC) is pleased to be hosting a series of rain barrel workshops this summer with local conservation partners.

Project Rain Barrel is a collaboration between River Network, Coca-Cola North America, the Coca-Cola Foundation, and local host organizations across the U.S. and Canada. “Rain barrels are a tangible and effective way to inspire change to preserve our water resources,” said Jon Radtke, Water Sustainability Program Director for Coca-Cola North America. “Working with our local partners, we can encourage communities to save water drop by drop, barrel by barrel, and replenish a significant amount of water back into nature.”

Installing a rain barrel to collect rainwater at a downspout is one way individuals can positively influence their local environment, conserve water, and reduce runoff. Rain barrels can be used for watering a garden or houseplants, washing a car, and much more.

According to the PRWC Program Director, Carol Haskins, “In a one-inch rainstorm, a shed measuring 10 feet by 10 feet would more than fill a 55-gallon rain barrel. If we can capture that water and save it for later use, that will decrease storm water runoff over the course of the year and save people money on their water bill or be less of a burden on private wells.”

Sign up for one of the workshops and create your very own rain barrel (one per household). All of the materials are provided at the workshop and the PRWC volunteers will help guide you through the construction process. The take home product will be one finished 55-gallon rain barrel that will capture your roof's rain water. Participants MUST be prepared to bring their rain barrel home with them after the workshop. Registration for the rain barrel workshop is only $40 per barrel, a bargain compared to the $100+ it costs for a ready-made rain barrel.

Thursday July 11th at 2PM, Earth Tones Native Plant Nursery, Woodbury, CT

Friday July 12th at 1PM, New Morning Market, Woodbury, CT

Saturday July 20th at 10AM, Flanders Nature Center, Woodbury, CT

Sunday July 21st at 2PM, CT DEEP’s Kellogg Center, Derby, CT

Saturday August 3rd at 10AM, Audubon Bent of the River, Southbury, CT

Join the PRWC on any of these dates to create your very own rain barrel. To register, call the PRWC at (203) 263-0076 or email at Be sure to register soon, as slots are limited to twelve households per workshop! Pre-registration and payment is required. To learn more about how you can conserve water, click here.

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