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A Message From The Executive Director

Carol Haskins, PRWC Executive Director
I remember a time when 2020 felt like it was light years away, but now I sit here scratching my head wondering how it sits so closely on the horizon and why it feels like this past year flew by in just a matter of seconds. As time seems to move faster the older I get, I find myself ever more grateful to live in a part of the world where seasons exists -- where nature provides us with a gentle reminder to slow down, snuggle in, take time to reflect, and prepare for the new year.
While the long list of to-do’s does not go away this time of year, I am thankful that our year-end tasks here at PRWC cater to this natural season of reflection. We compile a list of our accomplishments, review, analyze, and share data we collected, and take stock of the things we learned as we begin launching initiatives for the year ahead. We do this every year, and every year I am ASTONISHED by the level our achievements and am ever proud to be part of the PRWC team. This year is no different – expanded stream monitoring, implementation of the Low Flow Operations Plan, loads of education programs on topics ranging from stormwater to rain barrels to private wells to water conservation, continuation of the Youth Conservation Corps, hosting Woodbury Earth Day, and so much more!
During this time of reflection, I find myself deeply grateful to all those who have engaged with the stewardship of our rivers and aquifer as these resources provide our communities with life-sustaining water. Thank you to every volunteer, community partner, sponsor, donor, and staff member who has supported us along the way. You are part of our team and none of our achievements would have been possible without you.
As I look to the year ahead, I am excited to celebrate the contributions our current and past team members as PRWC marks its twentieth year of providing science-based environmental protections. I also look forward to working with new team members, including Sara Lynn Leavenworth and David Taylor who joined our board in September and Hailey McKeever who joined our staff in November, in developing innovative and responsible strategies to ensure high quality water for generations.

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