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Recent Rainfall Has Brought Some Relief to Connecticut (HARTFORD, CT) – The Connecticut Interagency Drought Working Group today announced due to recent rainfall that has brought some relief from lower than normal conditions in the state they are recommending to Governor Ned Lamont, and he has approved, reducing the drought advisory that he declared in October for the entire state from a Stage 2 drought level to Stage 1.

“Water levels around the state are returning to normal conditions, but some of our reservoirs and ground water levels remain below normal,” said OPM Undersecretary Martin Heft, Chair of the Interagency Drought Working Group. “Upcoming storms should hopefully return our water levels to normal and allow the state to formally announce an end to the drought. The Interagency Drought Working Group will continue to closely monitor various drought triggers and will make further recommendations to Governor Lamont as conditions warrant.”

The Connecticut Interagency Drought Workgroup, a state entity consisting of several state agency representatives that meets as necessary to assess drought conditions and make recommendations to the governor on the state’s response.

There are five levels of declarations under the Connecticut Drought Preparedness and Response Plan:

  • Stage 1: Below normal conditions

  • Stage 2: Incipient drought

  • Stage 3: Moderate drought

  • Stage 4: Severe drought

  • Stage 5: Extreme drought

The Stage 1 drought level is a preparedness stage that serves to alert the parties who should be prepared to respond to potentially worsening drought conditions. Typically, this stage is activated in response to early signals of abnormally dry conditions and serves as “heads up” for the possibility of a developing drought. In this case, as the state emerges from the drought, this stage is serving as a reminder for residents and public water suppliers to continually monitor conditions and water usage. There is no expectation for a broad public notice of a Stage 1 declaration.

As drought conditions began emerging this summer, Governor Lamont declared a Stage 2 drought level for all eight counties on July 14. He then increased New London and Windham counties to Stage 3 on August 18, while all of the remaining counties continued at Stage 2. On October 6, he reduced the drought advisory for Windham and New London counties to Stage 2.

The Connecticut Interagency Drought Workgroup will continue to monitor conditions and plans to meet again in December.


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