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Resource Planning & Policy Updates: Balancing Between the Fish and the Faucet

Balancing Between the Fish and the Faucet

As you know, we work daily on water-related scientific research projects, policy-making initiatives, conservation and restoration projects, and community education programs. Among our recent work has been active participation in reviewing CT DEEP’s proposed Streamflow Classifications for the Pomperaug basin along with continued involvement in the development and implementation of the draft State Water Plan. We have also been working closely with the Town of Southbury and Heritage Village Water Company to create a Pomperaug River Low-Flow Operations Plan.

Each of these activities serve as a testimony to the value of collaboration and cooperation in respect to environmental stewardship and balancing the in-stream habitat needs with human water use needs. To read more about the Streamflow Classifications and the Pomperaug River Low-Flow Operations Plan, please see the following posts: and

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